The sale of retails spaces in the Alte Akademie has now begun

SIGNA has started leasing the retail spaces in the Alte Akademie. Modern retail concepts can be brought to life on an area covering approximately 8,000 square metres.

Construction Progress

Building works get under way to revitalize the Alte Akademie in Munich

Work has now begun on revitalizing the Alte Akademie in Munich city centre and the first measures to renovate the interior of the ensemble are now underway. Munich can look forward to a vibrant mixture of uses in the historic building.

Construction Progress

Munich City Council passes a resolution to approve the development plan for the Alte Akademie

On Wednesday, 19 February 2020, Munich City Council passed a resolution approving the development plan for the Alte Akademie, allowing renovation work to begin on the former Jesuit college in Munich’s pedestrian zone.