Construction Progress

Building works get under way to revitalize the Alte Akademie in Munich

Work has now begun on revitalizing the Alte Akademie in Munich city centre and the first measures to renovate the interior of the ensemble are now underway. Munich can look forward to a vibrant mixture of uses in the historic building.

The careful revitalization and redevelopment of the Alte Akademie provides the opportunity to create an identity-defining ensemble in the heart of the pedestrian zone. Munich’s characteristic mix of tradition and innovation is being reimagined here.

A sophisticated mix of retail and gastronomy outlets, modern offices and attractive apartments is being developed within the historic building complex on an area covering more than 21,000 square metres. The roughly 9,000 square metres of office space in the Alte Akademie offer flexible options for innovative solutions. Modern retail concepts are set to make a real impact on an area covering approximately 8,000 square metres.

The highlight is the courtyard behind the Renaissance façade of the Alte Akademie. The public access through the historic entrance hall bestows a completely new and cultivated significance on the courtyard. This spacious inner courtyard is being transformed into an inviting piazza; gastronomic establishments with attractive outdoor spaces for al fresco dining create an appealing atmosphere.

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