Alte Akademie

Munich – with heart and mind

A unique combination of past and future, tradition and modernity, classicism and the avantgarde: the Alte Akademie is a powerful expression of Munich’s identity. With the reinterpretation of the historic ensemble in the heart of the city, something essential is being given back to the people of Munich: the Alte Akademie will be a place of identification – identification with a vision offering a new interpretation of Munich’s characteristic mix of tradition and innovation.

A jewel in Munich’s crown shines with renewed vigour

With the careful renovation of the Alte Akademie to the standards required for listed monuments, all the elements of modern life will soon find a home in this Renaissance ensemble: office, retail, living and gastronomy areas.

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An extensive complex of buildings with several courtyards

Whether offering spacious retail areas for perfect brand staging, room for innovative office concepts, stylish residential areas or enticing and sophisticated gastronomy – the diverse usage concept links all the most important facets of urban life. The subterranean garage will be equipped with an automatic parking system and electric car charging stations. LEED (min. Gold) and WireScore certification are being sought for all commercial spaces.

  • Retail
    ca. 7.700 m2
  • Office
    ca. 9.350 m2
  • Residential
    ca. 3.550 m2
  • Gastronomy
    ca. 1.400 m2